Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Top five motivational posters.

So a list... a list, well, you've already been informed about how amazing Top Five lists are, so, bearing that in mind I wish present you with some of the aforementioned coolness,

In reverse order:

At number Five - Dinosaurs!

Dinosaurs are awesome. That's a scientific fact. Lasers are awesome too - that's also been proven by years of research. So what do you get when you combine the two? That's right. Awesome squared! Amazing.

Four - Windows.

Windows - so useful and yet so painful.

Three - Natural Selection.

We've all been there - you strap a knife to a hamster for a laugh, it stabs you in the face and escapes, a thousand years later humanity is wiped off the face of the Earth by giant rodents with their own embedded cutlery. Damn.

Two - Have a little courage.

You know what I said about dinosaurs? That goes double for penguins. Not only are they birds and therefore dinosaurs anyway, but they do it without any of this namby-pamby flight rubbish that so mars, say, the common sparrow. Throw into the mix the fact that this penguin has clearly swum half the length of the earth to actually get to a polar bear, and we have an example of a commitment to comedy wake-up calls to be admired, and indeed emulated.

And in at number one, shamelessly plugged - Our good friend Roffles.

Hello Roffles. Good Roffles. Friendly Roffles. Roffles? Roffles no! Not my face! MY FACE! AAAAAH!

There you have it, a top five list - more to come.

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