Thursday, April 17, 2008

Top five maddeningly addictive flash games

You know how it is... you stumble across a new flash game, you start playing - hours later you collapse in a heap exhausted and demoralised by the fact that you've not yet managed to reach anything like the top 10 high scores. It's clearly possible, you just need to keep playing. Aaargh!

So in order to ensure that it happens to you at least another five times, I present you with Roflplexicity's top five maddeningly addictive flash games:

1. AAHHH! - Thats the title of the game, and after five minutes of playing it, that's what you'll be shouting. The object is to avoid hitting the walls of the box with the rotating, ever longer line attached to your cursor, my current best is 17s and even that temporarily cost me my sanity.

2. Curveball - Crazy addictive ultra-3d-pong style bat and ball game, just one more round, one more!

3. Copter - A classic, needs no explanation.

4. Redsquare - Can't touch this! Don't let the blue squares get you.

5. The Missile Game - Fly the missile through the gaps in the rotating sheets. Play a few levels and you'll be hooked.

It's probably a good idea not to ask how long this took to write up.

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