Wednesday, April 16, 2008

13 year old kid increases chances of global apocalypse a hundredfold - wait, apparently he doesn't.

As a worrying addendum to the previous post, apparently a 13 year old German schoolboy has just revised NASA's 1 in 45,000 estimate of the asteroid Apophis hitting the Earth in 2036 to 1 in 450, and NASA have accepted the correction. Hmm. Great. Well I'm sure we're all glad that NASA are watching out for us.

Via Slashdot.

Edit: According to The Register, NASA deny having confirmed his results, and state:

[The asteroid will pass] within the distance of Earth's geosynchronous satellites. However, because Apophis will pass interior to the positions of these satellites at closest approach, in a plane inclined at 40 degrees to the Earth's equator and passing outside the equatorial geosynchronous zone when crossing the equatorial plane, it does not threaten the satellites in that heavily populated region.
So there's no need to sell all your long-term stocks yet.

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